Guitdoorbell Strums A Chord Every Time Someone Opens The Door

Unlike what its name might suggest, the Guitdoorbell isn’t really a doorbell that people can buzz when they’re standing on your doorstep. Instead, it’s more like a chime that makes a sound every time the door is opened or closed. Except in place of a bell, it uses a guitar mounted on top of the door frame that a pick on the door then strums every time someone comes in and out.

Admittedly, it seems a little elaborate for something that performs such a simple function. First, you have to mount a trophy board on top of the door frame, then install the striker assembly on top of the door. Once those are set up, just slot the included guitar onto the board’s designated rack and you’ve got a six-string door chime of sorts ready to regale you with a quick strum every time the door swings.

The Guitdoorbell uses a real, playable half-sized acoustic guitar with 18 frets, sapele wood neck, and solid rosewood fingerboard. That means, you can pull it out of the doorway at any time for serenading guests with your acoustic rendition of Katy Perry’s greatest hits. It even comes with an internal back body brace to ensure it mounts on the wall trophy rack safely, as well as an optional gig bag for taking out as a portable travel guitar. Since no one’s playing with the fretboard and the plectrum striker hits it at the same spots with every swing of the door, you don’t exactly get a lot of options in what the thing will play. Still, it’s a nice novelty to have, especially if you’ve been shopping for a small travel guitar that you can take around to play during camping trips and outdoor events.

You can get the Guitdoorbell directly from the company website. Price is $149.99.

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