Guitar Hero Gets A Peripheral Makeover

Think there should be more to Guitar Hero controllers than those ugly slabs of plastic that pass off for a fake instrument? Activision seems to think so too and are actually introducing a redesign of the peripheral for the franchise.

Slated to debut along with Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock, the new controllers retain the same control scheme as previous iterations (five fretboard buttons and a strum bar), so it will work even with older versions of the game. However, it adds a modular component to the accessory, allowing you to switch up the guitar body at will.

The new Guitar Hero axes integrate all electronic components within the length of the neck, giving the body no other purpose beyond aesthetics. That means you can keep playing with the controller even with the modular body out, paving the way for some crazy customizations if you’re so inclined.

Two swappable body designs were currently shown. According to reports, the one with the flame design will be the standard guitar bundled with the game, while the black-and-white model will be the exclusive Gamestop version. Naturally, we should expect a whole slew of bodies sold separately, paving the way for another way to fill your gaming closet with piles upon piles of plastic.

The guitars will ship with Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii versions of Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock, although Activision is keeping mum on the pricing for now. In all honesty, though, most gamers are probably sick of even more peripherals, although the customization possibilities sure make this an interesting proposition.

[via Gizmodo]