This Stool Doubles As A Guitar Stand, So You Can Keep Your Six-String Safely On Hand


Yes, you can lean a guitar against a wall, a cabinet, or any other vertical fixture around the house to keep it out of the way. That won’t ensure the girlfriend’s cat, the robo-vac, or your visiting nephew won’t knock it down once you let them loose around the house, though, making for a very precarious way to store an expensive guitar. And while a dedicated guitar stand is never a bad idea, those with more limited living spaces will probably find more to love in this Guitar Stool/Stand.

A dual-purpose piece of furniture, it’s designed to serve as both a stool you can sit on and a stand for securing your guitar when it’s not in use. Even better, it can serve as both at the same time, so your six-string will always be be within easy reach every time you plop down on the stool to rest your weary legs.

The Guitar Stool/Stand is a handmade stool with a seat that contains a cutout in the back for holding the neck of a guitar, pads at the bottom for cradling the instrument’s body, and a yacht braid cable that wraps around the base of the neck. The guitar is, basically, attached to the stool the entire time it’s in the stand, so you can move the chair without having the instrument crash to the floor. Plus, it’s fully-secured, so even runaway cats, children, and robo-vacs aren’t likely to knock it down with a simple bump. Construction is walnut and ash with a hand-rubbed finish for the wooden parts, with cork and felt for the parts that come in contact with the guitar to ensure it doesn’t damage the instrument’s finish.

Available now, the Guitar Stool/Stand is priced at $2,700.

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