Gummy Bear Light Squishy Night Lamp Looks Good Enough To Eat

This is a blown-up Gummy Bear.  Like that 12,600-calorie giant Gummy Bear you got for Christmas last year, you can stuff your face with it.  But only if you eat lamps and plastics and electric wires, too.  Yeah, that will be nasty because this edible-looking thing is the Gummy Bear Light, a nightlight clad in the oversized shape of the popular stretchy candy.

Squishy just like a real Gummy, the lamp is turned on and off by squeezing on its round tummy.  That way, you don’t have to struggle finding the switch in the dark.  Just keep it near the bed so you can reach it quickly and squeeze on it to get some soft illumination.

The Gummy Bear Light measures 7 x 3 x 3 inches, clad in flexible and squeezable plastic.  It has both a flat base and a mounting fixture in the back, so you can either keep it on a table or hang it up a wall.  Power can be provided in two ways, either through a pair of AA batteries or a powered USB cable (so you can keep it by your work desk).

Ambient lighting is delivered by LEDs installed on the belly, right around the same area where the squeeze-switch is.  There’s also an automatic one hour timer function that can be activated by a switch at the base.

Uncommon Goods still have a few of the Gummy Bear Lights in stock, which you can get in either red, green, yellow or orange colors (no stock for other colors).  Price is $28.