Pour Coffee Or Die: The Gun Handle Mug

Pour the coffee or die. That’s how you’ll be addressing whoever’s got the pot with the Gun Handle Mug, a coffee mug that makes you feel like you’re clutching a pistol.

No, it won’t magically shoot coffee bullets like anything that encourages a trigger finger should. But you can hide it in your pants and have what looks like a gun handle sticking out of the waistband. Of course, having a mug in your crotch probably isn’t a good idea, but anyone fascinated by quirky drinking vessels isn’t exactly looked up to as a bastion of intelligence. Except me, but that’s because I’m special.

The Gun Handle Mug is made from classic grazed ceramic and measures 6 x 3 x 4 inches (w x d x h). Yes, the gun design makes it an obnoxious six inches wide, allowing your mug to take more shelf space than any other mug in the cupboard. And that makes you king of the pantry, just in case you didn’t know.

We bet the longer handle will have you spilling some coffee before you get used to it, so prepare to stain your favorite shirt when using one. Everyone’s reaction to the odd-looking contraption should make it worth your while though, since we both know you could use some attention.

Urban Outfitters has the Gun Handle Mug for $18.

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