Couch Bunker Puts A Gun Safe In Your Sofa

The Shotgun Backup you have installed in the bed is a nice way to have an easy-to-reach firearm while you’re sleeping deep in the night.  But what about those days you decide to sleep in the couch?  What if the aliens attack then?  Well, maybe the Couch Bunker can help.

A couch with a literal gun safe hidden underneath the mattress, this lets you keep an arsenal of deadly weapons right in your living room.  Granted, retrieving an armalite off this thing won’t be quite as quick as the Shotgun Backup, but if you can buy yourself that crucial minute, you can have a treasure trove of firearms at your disposal, ready to defend you from any attacker.

The Couch Bunker is, basically, a comfy, normal-looking sofa that comes with an integrated gun safe in the frame.  The couch itself comes in a variety of styles and upholstery, so you can find one that matches your existing home decor.  To help buy you time to open the safe while an attacker is already in your home, the couch comes packing bullet-proof cushions (tested to stop 44 Magnum bullets at point blank) with built-in carry straps.  That means, you can take the cushions and use them as a shield while working to get to your rocket launcher.

Opening the safe won’t be that hard either.  Simply remove the three seat cushions, access the two Mul-T-Lock key locks, and your gun safe is open.  Safe measures 78 x 29.5 x 14 inches (l x w x h), with enough compartment space to hold up to thirty rifles, along with other valuables.

Pricing for the Couch Bunker starts at $5,036, plus another $500 for the ballistic cushions.

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