Povodokus Is A Clever, Gun-Shaped Dog Leash

Dog leashes are boring.  And when someone tries to get creative with them, it usually just ends up sucking equally as hard.  Not the Povodokus, though, which is easily the coolest dog leash idea I’ve ever seen.

Like other brilliant stuff from the Art Lebedev studio, this one’s only a concept for now.  The design is so funny and the function is so reasonable, however, that I can’t imagine this thing not being produced anytime soon.

The Povodokus is a dog leash with the handle shaped like a gun and the rope rendered in a bright color, so it looks like you’re firing a bullet onto your mutt’s head.  Pulling the trigger retracts the leash, so you can rein your misbehaving beast without having to use any arm muscle (let’s face it, you have none).

The handle looks like a modern pistol, which makes it partially scary, especially for onlookers who have aren’t in on the joke.  With a little tweaking, however (such as trading the realistic gun in for a ridiculous futuristic weapon), this could be a guaranteed pet store bestseller. Heck, even the folks at the friendly neighborhood bondage shop could get off on this (just add more leather and chain).

Turns out Art Lebedev put up the Povodokus page on April 1st, so they’re obviously treating this like a joke.  I’d be really surprised if they don’t make this into a real product, though — it’s just the right amount of anti-social, the right amount of shocking and the right amount of cheeky to actually be amusing.

[Art Lebedev]