Gurtbett Is A Bed That Assembles Using Only Straps

Buying a bed from Ikea usually means having to bust out either a screwdriver, a small wrench or a hammer (or all three) in order to assemble the thing. While that ain’t bad (unless you’re catastrophically clumsy), the Gurtbett shows us just how much simpler putting together a flat-packed bed can be, requiring nothing but four sets of ratchet straps to assemble everything into place.

Just like any regular flat pack furniture, the bed comes in multiple pieces that can fit inside a box for easier portability.  By easier, though, we only mean less cumbersome than carrying a built bed, as the wood panels are thick and heavy.  Unlike them, however, you don’t need any tools to build the thing into an actual bed.  Heck, you don’t even need nails, screws, nuts or bolts — just your two hands and the included straps.

The Gurtbett’s multiplex panels are made from 18mm plywood with a white coat finish.  Two sizes of beds are available: small (205 x 166 x 33 cm; 44 kg) and large (205 x 186 x 33 cm; 45 kg).  Designed by Uwe Brüderle, the bed is assembled by simply putting the ratchet straps into the designated slots near the end of each panel.  Despite that simplicity, it’s supposed to be very stable — and actually looks that way from the pictures.

Unfortunately, the Gurtbett doesn’t quite follow Ikea’s lead in making their flat-packed furniture easy on the pocket.  In fact, it’s a little hard to swallow, retailing for €690 a set (mattress not included).

[Source: Magazin]