Gustin Denim: Premium Selvage Jeans For $81

Premium denim has seen a big buzz the last few years.  And we get the hype — selvage denim just wears better, feels better and looks better than your daddy’s favorite pair of Levi’s ever did.  The only problem?  They’re plenty expensive.  Gustin Denim is looking to change the game with their affordably-priced line of premium jeans.

Priced starting at $81 (yep, $81 for premium selvage denim), you already know there’s no way this will be like the usual pair you can get from fashion retailers.  Instead, they’re crowdsourcing the thing, producing a garment only when orders reach a certain level — that way, they can make them at the low price point while managing to remain profitable.

Gustin Denim isn’t just some bored kid who dreamed up a scheme to build affordable premium jeans, either.  Instead, they’ve been selling their products for the last six years, selling them $200+ a pop at various retail outlets.  With the Kickstarter project, they’re selling the garments to consumers direct, stripping away a whole load of middlemen and doing away with a whole lot  of markup.

For the jeans, they use the classic straight leg fit — not too skinny and not too loose.  For the pants offered on their Kickstarter campaign, core fabrics are a 13.5oz dark indigo selvage, 12.5ox 100% organic selvage, and 12.5oz classic dark indigo; for the limited edition options, they use raw selvage denims from Japan and Italy. All jeans are hand-crafted and hand-finished in San Francisco.

As of now, most slots for Gustin Denim’s limited edition jeans have been taken, but there are still a bunch of options left.  All products ship in April.

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