GymGym Puts 16 Core Exercises In Your Office Chair

Not enough distractions at the office?  Add getting fit into the mix of productivity killers with the GymGym, an executive chair that doubles as a multi-exercise machine.

Combining a “contour-forming seating structure with a full-body strengthening and conditioning fitness system,” the novel office furnishing is designed to let people stay in shape while being tethered to their workstations.  Instead of playing Farmville and trolling internet forums, you can waste working hours doing chest presses and abdominal exercises.  At least, you’re building muscle and burning fat while misappropriating company time — it’s somewhat of a good thing.

The GymGym uses a patented flat bungee system for seating that’s designed to conform to the shape of its occupant’s body, providing the proper ergonomics to maintain a healthy posture throughout the workday.  It looks functional enough as an office chair, complete with casters for movement, a reclining back and adjustable height.

What makes it special, though, are the four exercise stations installed throughout the chair, which gives it the ability to function as a stretching and strengthening machine for all the major muscle groups (from the shoulders down to your legs).  Using stretch bands, a total of 16 core exercises can be performed in the chair, all while maintaining your seated position.

While I’d venture that visiting a nearby gym during your lunch break is probably a better idea, I have a feeling the GymGym will be a hit among those with an aversion to actual exercise.  Pair it with your treadmill workstation and you can have a full body workout without ever leaving the computer.