Ride Anywhere, Any Season With The 2015 Haibike xDuro Fatsix


If you’re going to buy an electric bicycle that you can ride regardless of weather, it better be tough. And tough sounds like just the tip of the iceberg with the 2015 Haibike xDuro Fatsix, a beast of a mountain bike that can take you riding past any terrain.

Whether you’re riding across a trail on a clear summer afternoon, a muddy path under heavy rain, or a thick pile of snow deep into the winter, it’s duly equipped to transport you around your favorite haunts. That way, you’ll be ready to step out on a motorized two-wheeler, regardless of weather conditions wherever you live.

Setting it apart from other electric mountain bikes, the 2015 Haibike xDuro Fatsix comes fitted with the RockShock Bluto, a fat tire fork with air suspension, oil damping, and 100mm of travel. Optimized to tackle the increased torsional loads of a wide stance, it offers noticeably better traction and control, no matter where you end up riding. It runs on a combo of a Shimano 10-speed drive, a 350-watt Bosch motor, and a shockproof Bosch PowerPack 400 battery mounted on the downtube. Like all e-bikes, it’s electronically limited to 20 mph (not 50 mph, but somewhat faster), although it can be modified to run past bicycle speed limits, if you’re so inclined.

It comes with a variety of drive modes for riding exactly to your liking, along with an automated gear changer that takes input from a selection of sensors and an onboard processor. An onboard bike computer with an LCD display and a control pad allows you to see real-time ride information, as well as flip through the various available ride settings.

The 2015 Haibike xDuro Fatsix is now available for preorder, priced at $5,600.

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