Haier HNSEW02, A Personal Fridge With A Dry-Erase Door

In a perfect universe, all office cubicles will have their own personal fridge in open and not hidden under desk in a cardboard box.  And in that utopian world, the Haier HNSEW02 Dry-Erase Write-On Refrigerator will probably end up as your mini-refrigerator of choice.

Why?  Because aside from offering enough space to hold your array of cold food and drinks, the personal ref’s front door is covered with dry-erase material, allowing it to double as your cubicle’s white board.  As such, you don’t have to waste Post-It notes warning people about touching your food too – just pick up a thick marker, write “WARNING: DEATH TO TRESPASSERS” in large letters and they’ll know what’s going down if they make the mistake.

The Haier HNSEW02 is a 1.7 cubic foot fridge, measuring 17.5 x 19.62 x 18.62 inches and weighing 38.4 lbs.  Inside, it  houses a half-width freezer, full-width and half-width shelves, space for a two-liter soda, a full-width slide-out wire shelf and an adjustable thermostat.  There’s also a built-in area for keeping your markers and erasers, so you don’t have to leave them littered around your desk.

Personally, I would have wanted one that’s full size.  A large fridge with a write-on front door in the kitchen sounds really useful for leaving messages, jotting down recipes and scribbling voodoo spells so you don’t forget them.  As it is, though, this should work great as a ref-cum-writing-board for dorm rooms, bedrooms, home offices and other personal spaces.  Plus, if the ref ever tanks permanently, all you have to do is take out the door and you’ve got yourself a functional white board for your troubles.

You can get the Haier HNSEW02 Dry-Erase Write-On Refrigerator for $99.99.

[Meijer via ChipChick]