Half-Spoon, Half-Chopsticks Brings The Spirit Of Spork To The Asian Market


It’s a spoon.  It’s a chopstick.  It’s…the Spoon Chopsticks!  And it’s coming to save the day.

Actually called Chopsticks Plus One, the clever little cutlery consists of a flat-bottom soup spoon with a snout sporting two pig-nose holes on one end.  Pour some soy sauce and chili on it, then dip your dumpling in for an even fuller taste.  Yummy.


Oh crap, you need a spoon?  Not a problem.  See those two holes?  Slip the chopsticks in there for use as a handle and start scooping that steaming-hot chicken-wanton-beef-cat-dog soup super combo you just ordered. Mmmm.


Designed by Aissa Logerot, this would make an excellent cutlery alternative when feasting on your favorite Asian dishes.  Sure beats having to drink the soup directly from the bowl and have it drip all over your grubby beard (assuming you have facial hair) like the dirty, unbathed masters in those old Kung-Fu movies.

Why not just use a separate spoon for the soup and a small saucer for your condiments?  Well, it actually makes more sense, but this isn’t about sense.  You’re eating food with a pair of chopsticks, for chrissakes, when you could have been doing it with a spoon and fork all this time.   Duh!

[via Yanko]