Halguard Fire Extinguisher Will Put Out Blazes Without Harming Your Electronics

Regular fire extinguishers can work just as well on burning automobiles as it does on bed fires from that cigarette you forgot to put out.  Problem is, those things  can do serious damage to your car’s wiring and electronics.  That’s the consequence you’ll be able to avoid with the Halguard Fire Extinguishers, which use a non-conductive extinguishing agent that will dutifully subdue a blaze without affecting the rest of your ride.

Not only will the halocarbon-based Halotron 1 leave your electronics undamaged, it will quickly transform into gas, as well, disappearing into the air with no trace residues in your vehicle.  That means, less things to fix and less mess to clean up — a definite break that anyone who’s just suffered through a fire deserves.

The Halguard Fire Extinguishers come in two heights for the steel cylinders, namely 14.8 inches and 10 inches, packing 2.5-lbs and 1.4-lbs of extinguishing agents, respectively.  The bigger unit can discharge its firefighting chemicals up to 10 feet, while the smaller one can shoot at up to 8.   Both come with a dual-strap mounting jacket and all-metal valve construction.

Given that an ever-increasing number of stuff in your home now come with built-in electronics (hey, we’ve featured beds and sofas fitted with tech here), an automobile fire extinguisher like this one might make more sense than that old powder-based unit you’ve got hidden in the basement.  Halguard claims it won’t impair your vision, too, so you can use it without having to wear special gear.

You can get the Halguard Fire Extinguishers in three different colors (black, red, and chrome), with prices starting at $125.

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