Halley Is A Storage Rack Designed For Motorcycle Helmets


Yes, you can hang your helmet on any ordinary hook on the wall. If you’re meticulous about the kind of storage options sitting on your wall, we have a feeling simply drilling a large nail into place is out of the question. Maybe you’d prefer something like the Halley Helmet Rack.

A more stylish-than-usual hanging rack, the contraption is designed to look good on its own, all while supporting your helmet completely the whole time it’s placed there for storage. Whether you want to store helmets in the garage, the living room, or some other area of the house, this thing ensures there’s no eyesore in sight whether you’re at home or on the road riding.


The Halley Helmet Rack has a minimalist design that combines a round wall plate with a protruding hook that sports a large spherical tip around the size of a baseball. Because of the large sphere at the tip, the darn thing actually looks like a decorative item, making it quite a good-looking piece to have mounted on the wall. It comes in a black matte color that further reinforces the minimalist theme while the ball comes in a brushed stainless steel finish to help round out the rack’s clean yet sophisticated aesthetic.

According to the outfit, the smooth, spherical tip allows the hook to have a large surface area to come in contact with the helmet, ensuring there are no sharp or pointed edges that can create pressure points, causing the helmet’s lining to tear. If you’ve ever stored a helmet on any conventional hook, you’ve probably seen that problem happen, especially when keeping it on the same rack for long periods of time. It’s one of the reasons why many people choose to keep their helmets on a shelf or table instead, since that spares them the likelihood of taking any kind of damage.


The Halley Helmet Rack can work with both full face and open face helmets, since the spherical tip is designed to come in contact with the top of the helmet. And, yes, it can serve as a versatile all-purpose rack, too, as it should store coats, scarves, bags, and a whole load of other things just as capably. Heck, you can even hang items on the lower part of the arm while a helmet sits on the rack, so you can use it as an emergency place to hang items you’d like to quickly get out of the way.


The rack, by the way, is shipped unassembled, with the rack body, the wall plate, and the ball all coming as separate components. That means, you’ll have to do a little work putting it together once it comes in the mail. The good news? It’s supposed to be easy to assemble, requiring no more five minutes to mount part by part from start to finish. Once mounted, just throw a helmet on there and you’re set.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Halley Helmet Rack. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at €85.

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