Halograph Automatic Is A Complex Mechanical Watch With A Shockingly Affordable Price


Mechanical watches with exotic-looking movement tend to fall on the unaffordable end of the price scale, often costing more than what a regular person would willingly fork over for a timepiece. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the Halograph Automatic, a mechanical wrist candy with partially exposed movement and a beautiful, unusual design.

Made by Xeric Watches, the watch face features time markings all placed on the upper half of the dial, with unique “Halo Hands” encircling the exact hours and minutes. Seriously, this is the kind of watch that people can easily mistake for a four-figure luxury timepiece when they see you rocking it in your wrist.


At the lower half of the Xeric Halograph Automatic sits partially-exposed twin balance wheels that run the watch’s complex mechanism, which you can watch swing back and forth with every tick. Four arc shapes on the upper half of the same dial carry the number markings (top two has the minutes and bottom two has the hours), with the long hand indicating the minutes and the short one indicating the hour. The case back features a porthole viewing crystal, where you can see the rotor, which generates energy for the watch every time it spins as a result of normal movement.


Features include a domed 5mm sapphire-coated crystal glass, a 46mm watch case made from PVD-coated stainless steel, 3ATM water resistance, and premium calfskin leather band. It comes in four finishes: silver, black, gold, and rosegold.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Halograph. Pledges to reserve an automatic version starts at $369, with an alternate chrono version (no balance wheels) going for $189.

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