Ham Dogger Gives Your Burgers And Other Foods That Beloved Hotdog Shape


Hate hotdogs, but love the long, phallic shape?  Make every food you prepare look like a wiener with the Ham Dogger, a kitchen mold that lets you turn a whole slew of ingredients into a nine-inch sausage.

The retail page is extolling the virtues of using it to stuff a pile of ground beef into a burger-dog, although you can, realistically, dump anything into that slab of tube.  Put diced and ground spinach mixed with flour, for instance, fry it and enjoy your very own crunchy Popeye frank on a hotdog bun.  Sure, that sounds terrible, but it’s hella different.

Ham Dogger is as simple as it sounds. Just a 9.5 x 5 x 2 inch plastic mold that lets you fill the slot with up to a quarter pound of ground beef and other equivalent food items.  The result is a magical, hot dog like form to all your food – a great idea if you love them long buns, but are tired of eating the same damn wieners everyday.

Ever wondered how fish hot dog will taste like?  How about frog’s legs?  Or last night’s leftover Chinese food?  Never wonder again.  Just ground them, add a few spices for flavor and mold the experimental grub into shape.  Makes for a great bun-friendly alternative to the same delicious but self-same fare during family barbecues.

If eating adventurously different flavors of 9.5-inch sausages everyday sounds like an appealing proposition, you can grab a Ham Dogger from Taylor Gifts for only $7.98.

Just make sure to prepare an explanation for what “dog burgers” actually mean, in case anyone begins to protest.

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