Hambone Frame Bags Add A Stylish Purse To Your Bike’s Top Tube

Everyone can use more pocket space.  Even your bike.  Hambone Designs’ frame bags are meant to hang securely on your two-wheeled mechanical vehicle (right in that space between your thighs), providing you with another place to set various small items so you can leave them out of your pants’ pockets.

Those who spent copious amounts of time pushing pedals in the 90s have probably owned a frame bag or two.  They were very common on mountain bikes back then.  With the increasing number of portable devices finding their way among our carry-on necessities (including regular bicycle riders), the utilitarian accessories are slowly making their way back.

Hambone offers two models of their frame-hung bags, namely the Velopocket and the Balzac.  The former is shaped like a rectangular purse, while the latter is cut out as a quarter circle.  Both pouches fasten to the bike using two internal straps on the top tube and a rear loop under the seat.  The flap wraps around the top frame, covering the binding.  Some models also come with matching purse straps, so you can carry them like regular bags when you detach them from the bike.

Cell phones, keys, pens, small pads and various other pocketable items should easily fit into Hambone’s bags.  Available in fabric and leather materials, they’re also considerably more stylish than other frame bags you can find in stores.

Price varies between $20 to $50, depending on material, size and other custom requirements.  Each Velopocket and Balzac bag is handmade by siblings Hernan and Lisa Marie, and can be purchased from their Etsy store.

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