You Can Now Replace Keys On Your Mechanical Keyboard With A Fidget Spinner


You know how you keep a fidget spinner on your desk, so you can play with it any time you’re stressed, tired, or feeling your brain beginning to melt down? That works well enough. If you occasionally lose your fidgeting toy and can’t locate it right when you need it, however, that sucks. The Hammer Fidget Spinner Keycap offers a solution.

A keycap replacement for Cherry MX switches (and clones), the contraption swaps in place of any key in your keyboard, so you can add a fidget spinner anywhere on your typing peripheral. Put one in place of the Esc key in the corner, another one for the Windows key at the bottom, and maybe one somewhere on the number pad to turn your keyboard into a full-fledged fidgeting toy.


When you install a Hammer Fidget Spinner Keycap on the keyboard, the key remains functional whenever it’s pressed, so the keyboard will still do the things it was designed to do. Except, now, you have one, two, or a few keys with a fidget spinner on top that you can flick any time you feel like making something spin over and over for whatever joy it brings your way. Do note, the keycaps aren’t labeled, so make sure you remember what keys you replaced, unless you enjoy experimenting like you’re using a PC for the first time all over again.

While putting one of these on your favorite mechanical keyboard seems the sensible way to go, it’s quite tempting to take a backup keyboard and replace a bunch of keys with these things instead. Sure, that will probably render the keyboard unusable for most people, but at least you have a dedicated fidget toy sporting several dozen spinners you can flick and spin to your heart’s delight. And, yes, the spinners are sized such that you can place two side-by-side in a keyboard with no problem, so you can replace all your function keys with this thing without any issue. Well, other than the fact that you’ll be counting from left-to-right each time you need to find the correct function key.


The Hammer Fidget Spinner Keycap comes in six colorways: gumball (pink keycap and teal fidget spinner), lemondrop (blue keycap and yellow fidget spinner), bluejay (blue keycap and spinner, with white splatter), crimson rose (red keycap and black fidget spinner, with red splatter), and bumblebee (yellow keycap and black fidget spinner, with yellow splatter). All the caps and spinner bodies are made from resin, with stainless steel weights and a brass nut.


While designed for keyboards, we guess you can also carry one of these in your pocket, so you can have a spinner that you don’t have to trap between your fingers any time you want to watch it in motion. I mean, it could for a fun toy to have the next time you get bored while drinking at the bar, sipping tea at a coffee shop, or going to dinner on a blind date that your mom set up. Yeah, especially on that last one.

The Hammer Fidget Spinner Keycap is priced at $20.

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