Hammocraft Is The Hammock/Watercraft You Never Knew You Wanted


Camping by the side of a peaceful lake is fun. You can chill out on a hammock, paddleboard on the water, or just gather round with friends, talking about all the things you miss about the city. One day, some guys realized you can actually do all of those things at once and the Hammocraft was born (disclaimer: that’s probably not what actually happened).

A watercraft with integrated hammocks, it lets you navigate the waters while dangling from a hanging sack, allowing you to enjoy any calm waters you visit in an entirely new way. Emphasis on “calm waters,” by the way, since this thing looks like it can flip over anytime someone in the group decides to do something crazy.


The Hammocraft consists of a metal frame that’s strapped down along the lengths of two parallel paddleboards. A built-in slot and knot system allows you to hang the hammocks from the frame with little work, all while facilitating easy height adjustment and even easier disconnection when you’re packing up for the day. It can hold up to five hammocks at a time, so you can have four other guys to help you out (or bail on you), in case the darn thing flips over in the water.


The frame, by the way, is made of multiple beams that assemble using simple push-button connectors, making them easy to install once you get down the lake and break apart once you’re done. And since the frame can stand on its own, you can use it to set up a central hammock station even when on land.

Available now, the Hammocraft (frame only – you supply the rest) is priced at $1,000.

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