Handerpants Bring Tighty-Whities For Your Hands


Do you ever put on your gloves, then feel as if the area between your index and middle finger is dangling. In case that discomfort reminds you of the sensation when going commando under your jeans, you can relieve it with Handerpants, a pair of underwear apparel fashioned especially for the hands.

If you wear gloves for any reason (like when riding a bike or hitting the weights), you’ve probably noticed how badly your hands sweat, how stinky it can smell and how it will sometimes leave unwanted scrapes. That’s where Handerpants come…errr…handy.

Made with 95% cotton and 5% Spandex for perfect form-hugging fit, the finger-less gloves offer an extra layer of protection between you and the leather (or metal, if you’re a Storm Trooper). Clad to look like a pair of tighty-whities (yes, old-fashioned men’s briefs), they’re both functional and a little bit gross – the way every cool accessory should be.

The manufacturer claims hundreds of uses for the incredibly original “underpants for the hands.” I personally can’t think of a lot, though, it looks custom-built as a body cover for the Surge1000 protector, which sports five protruding tentacles.

Like regular briefs, make sure to refrain from wearing the Handerpants without anything on top of it in public. It may not be as vulgar, but it truly is just as tasteless. It’s available now from various online sources for $11.95.

While they made no mention of it, I’m hoping there’s a line coming for women too, preferably made of silk with lace, called Handergarments.  Check out the official infomercial below.

[McPhee via Geekologie]