Handicorn Turns Your Puny Hand Into A Majestic Unicorn


Finger puppets are fun. No matter how cute your finger puppets are, however, they lack a certain magic that’s only bestowed upon special creatures across the land. And that magic is what you will experience when you play with the Handicorn.

A five-piece finger puppet, it turns your hand into a mythical unicorn ready to fill the room with joy, awe, and wonder. Make it run around the cushy sofa, gallop across the dining table, and jump over obstacles scattered along the shelf, leaving a trail of imaginary glitter and rainbows behind it.


The Handicorn consists of a unicorn head that goes on the middle finger and four unicorn hooves that go on the rest of your digits. Yes, it’s ridiculous. You can, of course, jumble up the part placements for an even more ridiculous unicorn or just put three legs on, so your unicorn can look like an amputee survivor of the ruthless unicorn hunter, who terrorized the land before meeting his demise at the hands of a magical panda bear.

Construction is soft vinyl for the puppets, so this should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. That way, you can keep your hand in the form of a magical unicorn whether you’re sipping coffee at Starbucks, slaving away at your cubicle, or riding the train home without any discomfort. Well, apart from the discomfort of people looking at you quizzically for being a grown person with a unicorn on your fingers. The hooves measure 2 inches long, while the head sizes up at 2.5 inches.

Available now, the Handicorn is priced at $5.95.

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