Handitaur: Your Hands Are Now A Legendary Centaur


We’re huge fans of the Handicorn, that wonderful finger puppet that turns your hand into a majestic unicorn that poops glitter and pukes rainbows. If you’re not quite into the sugary sweet whimsy of wonderful unicorns, you might find the Handitaur a bit more to your liking.

Mean-looking, muscular, and full of pent-up rage, this half-man, half-equine finger puppet is the perfect toy to use when you want to lash out and destroy everything in sight. Your brother’s favorite tabletop battle diorama? Unleash this thing and watch him maim every soldier to a pulp. Your boss’ well-organized desk? Let the centaur loose and watch as he knocks everything into a mess.   Basically, it’s the surrogate for wreaking havoc you’ve always wanted, now easily accessible by simply slipping him onto your fingers. Awesome.


The Handitaur consists of a centaur’s head and body that wears on your middle finger, along with four horse legs that slip onto the rest of your fingers. Once all the parts are worn, your hand will immediately take on a life of its own, becoming a deadly centaur from Mount Pelion, ready to carve a path of destruction in its wake, the targets of which you have no control over. Yes, that’s going to be your defense when the boss figures out it’s you who vandalized his workspace, so don’t forget.

Each part of the five-piece finger puppet is made from soft vinyl, so it should be comfortable on the fingers. The head and body measures 3.5 inches, while the hooves measure 2 inches apiece.

Available now, the Handitaur is priced at $7.95.

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