Handpresso Auto Lets You Make Espressos While In Your Car

Sure, you have an espresso machine at home and there’s a Starbucks right next to your office.  Your morning coffee needs should be taken care of.  Except it isn’t.  Instead, you find yourself rushing out of the house every morning without a sip of caffeine and getting stuck in traffic all while longing for a coffee jolt.  Not anymore with the Handpresso Auto, a portable espresso maker designed for use in cars.

If you’re familiar with Handpresso SARL, you know they’ve been making one of the most popular brands of portable espresso makers since 2006.  This model, though, is built strictly for keeping in your car, so you can get your coffee fix while everyone else is being extra cranky during heavy traffic.  Also, this should be great if you’re pretending that you no longer drink coffee both at home and at work because it’s bad for you.

Shaped and sized to fit in your car’s cup holder, the Handpresso Auto should quickly find a place inside your vehicle.  To make yourself a cup, all you have to do is plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter slot, put in your ESE coffee pod and pour some water.  Press the button to start brewing and leave the whole thing in the cup holder so you can pay attention to your driving.

The in-car appliance weighs a light 1.94 pounds, with space for up to 1.79 fl.oz. of water.  It uses 16 bar pressure to whip up a creamy brew in two minutes, after which, it alerts you that the drink is ready with three audible beeps.

The Handpresso Auto is available now, priced at €149.