Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie Lets You Tune Out The World Discreetly

Sometimes, you just want to shut the world out and wearing a quality of pair of headphones is usually enough to drown out everyone else’s noise. But sometimes, putting on headphones can be construed as just plain rude and antisocial. And you never want to make that impression. The Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie offers an alternative.

A beanie with integrated Bluetooth headphones, it lets you close your ears to the world in discreet fashion. Boring conversations at a party? Listen to some U2 while pretending to carry on instead. Dull lecture? Get dancing in your head to the tune of Pitbull’s latest single that sounds exactly the same as his previous singles. Wife nagging you for buying a Seabreacher Y when you live in a desert state? Yeah, this can work without infuriating her off further, too.

The Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie is an erstwhile regular-looking skullcap that’s ready to keep your noggin toasty and warm, save for the sewn-on label for playback controls on the side (we suggest patching it up for true music listening on the sly). Features include dual dynamic speakers, onboard battery rated at 6 hours of playback (60 hours of standby), and a USB slot for easy recharging. All electronics are easily removable, too, so you can throw the beanie in the pile, along with the rest of your laundry.

Want one? Available in black and gray, the Hands-Free Bluetooth Beanie is available from Firebox, priced at £34.99.

Looks like Firebox is not selling this anymore but not to worry, we found plenty of different variations available on Amazon from the link below.

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