HandTrux Turns Your Kid Into A Shoveling Superhero

Move over Hellboy.  There’s a new superhero with big-ass forearms in town.  On second thought, this dude’s only power is shoveling dog poo and covering it with sand, so don’t go back to the fiery depths just yet.  Turns out he’s only wearing a HandTrux Shovel. But sounds like it would keep your kids busy on the beach for a while whilst you finish your novel.

Designed for kids, the playtime contraption is actually a slip-on shovel that you can put fit around your forearm.  That way, you get robot-like plastic arms that makes digging through sand, snow, mud and dirt just a little more imaginative than usual.

The HandTrux is made from ABS plastic and measures 15.5 x 5.4 x 5 inches.  Even without the digging and scooping abilities, the fittings look awesome for superhero play, making you look like you’ve got big ass yellow forearms ready to pound someone down the ground.

Each slip-on can be used in either hand, with the length and opening suitable for children as young as 5 (and even skinny adults, more likely than not).  Could be a good way to get your kids to clean the dog’s doodoo (although you’re likely still stuck with cleaning it afterwards), as well as getting them to help you clear out gravel and mud when needed.

Neatoshop had the HandTrux Backhoe but they seem out of stock now.

Amazon has them for about $18 from the link below.

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