Hanebrink Hustler X5 Electric Bike Does 80MPH, Also Has Pedals

You love electric bicycles.  Lately, though, you’ve been hankering for just a little more speed without surrendering your greener credentials — you know, the kind only a 100 mph Empulse electric motorcycle can provide.  Maybe the Hanebrink Hustler X5 is exactly what you’ve been searching for.

What is it?  Well, it’s kind of styled like a racing motorcycle, complete with a full set of removable fairing and the ability to hit corners really low.  But it’s got bicycle pedals that are perfectly usable  — as in, you can pedal on this thing  with all that fairing and look like an absolute dork.  So, I guess it’s an electric bicycle.

Except for the part where the Hustler X5 can post top speeds of over 80 mph, effectively leaving every other electric bike in the street in the dust.  Not only is it seriously fast, it comes with a generous battery pack that gives it a range of over 200 miles.  We’re not sure whether this will qualify as a bicycle or a motorcycle where you live (the 80mph Competition mode can be turned off in favor of a slower Pedal mode), but Hanebrink seems to be suggesting it should pass for either one in a whole lot of places .

Muscle is provided courtesy of a Crystalyte 5303 Mid Motor, which is paired with a 14-speed transmission, a dual-suspension monocoque chassis and four lithium-ion battery packs.  Other details include inverted triple clamp coil/hydraulic front forks, swing arm rear suspension with air adjustable hydraulic shocks, four piston hydraulic disc brakes, and tubeless 20×8 tires.

The Hanebrink Hustler X5 can be ordered now, with prices starting at $16,940.  Deliveries are scheduled to be fulfilled by the end of March 2013.

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