Look Ma, No Tables: The Hanging Aquarium

Your maze of a fish tank not quite giving you the jollies you had hoped for?  Try this Hanging Aquarium, a slim-profile fish tank designed for being suspended off the ground.  Yes, it’s an aquarium for hitting your head on while you stumble in the living room with the lights out.

A unique decorative accessory, it’s a real fish tank designed for hanging.  Just like a living picture frame.  It’s a little more elaborate than a picture frame, of course, but the result should also be multiple times more stunning.  And, no, we suggest not even trying to glue washers onto a regular tank and trying to hold it with Wall Dots — unless you like the sight of broken glass littered on the floor.

The Hanging Aquarium is made from acrylic glass, with availability in three diagonal sizes: 5 feet, 6 feet and 8 feet.  A pair of stainless steel tubes keep the tank suspended as high as you’d like, which you can set up from a wall, ceiling or some other home fixture.

Cords, hoses and the included filtration system (which you can set for either freshwater or saltwater) are all embedded inside the tubes, neatly filed away from sight.  A lighting unit is integrated atop the acrylic frame, so you can enjoy watching your marine scene even in the dark.

If you ever wanted to set up a fish tank in an unusual spot, like over the dining table or right behind the couch, the Hanging Aquarium is easily one of the most beautiful options I’ve ever seen.  It ain’t cheap, though, with prices starting at $5,000.

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