This Unique Book Rack Hangs Your Books On The Wall

Sure, strategically-placed shelves can make for fine display opportunities for your books.  But if you’d rather find something even catchier to the eye without enclosing your book inside a frame, we have a feeling you’ll love this Book Rack.

Made by Agustav Design, it’s a novel shelf design where the books are hung on strings rather than set down on a surface.   You can line them up in a file like a regular shelf, have some books face forward for a different look, or jumble them together in a tangled bundle if it goes with the disastrous mess everywhere else in the house.

The Book Rack consists of a length of wood that you mount on the wall and a set of wooden pins  that you can hang along that length.  The pins can be slid along the entire length of the rack, allowing you to hang a lot of books in a concentrated pile or leave plenty of space between each, whichever suits your decorative tastes.  Each pin comes with a looped waxed cotton string that winds around  a small wooden plate at the end.  To use, simply open the book to an inside spread, lay the string down on it (it can double as a bookmark), close the book, and hang the pin on the rack.  The wooden plate is designed to act as a resting surface for the book, ensuring it neither falls down nor gets its pages ripped.  You can even move the position of the plate, so you can hang books at different heights for even more display options.

Each Book Rack is made to order, so you can specify exactly how long or short you need it to be.  For reference, price for a 27.5-inch long version with a set of pins included is $225.95 CAD.  Additional pins are available for an extra $10 apiece.

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