Hank Is A Dapper Pocket Square That Doubles As A Wallet


Pocket squares have always been an optional accessory, reserved for dudes with a little more fashion in their blood than the average guy who rocks a business suit to work. But if someone made pocket squares that actually replaced your wallet, will it give you the motivation to finally undo the stitching in your suits’ breast pockets? That’s exactly what Hank the Square seems to be hoping for.

Quite the stylish and innovative accessory, it looks like a regular pocket square that you can unfold into a hanky for wiping some of the tears on your face after you’ve been laid off by HR. Except, it isn’t. Instead, it’s actually a wallet with a pre-folded section on top, so you can wear it on your breast pocket for looking like a cultured, dapper gentleman.


Unlike regular handkerchiefs, Hank the Square already comes with a permanently perfect puff fold on top, so you don’t have to waste a couple minutes every morning getting the look just right. Under the visible fold, it comes with one large pocket sized to fit glasses and smartphones (yes, even the monstrous iPhone 6+) and a smaller pouch sized to hold credit cards and cash. It even has microfiber lining, so you can use it to wipe down your phone without damaging its glass.


Each one is made either from silk or cotton, with a variety of designs, so you can change up your squares to match every ensemble in the closet. Heck, they’ve even got one that looks like it’s been tailor made for your Christmas Suits.


Available now, pricing for Hank the Square starts at $35.

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