HAPIfork Smart Utensil Tracks Your Eating Habits, Wants You To Lose Weight

Looking for a better way to monitor your eating habits?  While it won’t make for a perfect solution, the HAPIfork should figure as an excellent tool to help in your efforts to eat better.

How can an eating utensil help you eat healthier?  Unlike ordinary dinnerware, the HAPIfork comes fitted with numerous electronics inside that allows it to track and record a whole bunch of things about your eating patterns.  Specifically, it measures how long it takes you to finish each meal, the amount of “fork servings” (basically, how many times you put food in your mouth using the fork) you take per minute, and the time interval between each round of dumping food in your piehole.

The HAPIfork is an erstwhile regular pronged utensil with a thick plastic handle similar to the ones you give to kids so they can grab it easily.  All data is recorded in the HAPIfork’s built-in storage, which you can transfer to a computer later via USB.  You can manage and review all your information later through either the online dashboard or the mobile app.

If you’ve ever wished you can track your eating the same way you track your runs with a fitness tracker, the HAPIfork sounds like the best option to show up so far.  It debuts in the third quarter, although no pricing has been announced.




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