Happy Halloween-My Zombie Pin-Up Puts Sexy Zombie Models On Your 2010 Calendar


What better way to start Halloween Day posts and prepare for the zombie apocalypse than learning to love the wenches among them?  It’s not like you’re going to have much of a choice when the infestation spreads, after all.  My suggestion for a first indoctrination is to trade in your wall calendar for the My Zombie Pin-Up, a 2010 calendar filled with sexy images of scantily-clad zombie models.

Clad in 50s-style pin-ups in the tradition of Gil Elvgren’s photographs, the hot-looking set comes with an undead twist.  Sure, there’s plenty of skin, some amount of cleavage and a bevy of lingerie.  There are also blood, guts and, of course, tasty braaaaaaiiiiinnnnns too.


Featuring one sexy-cum-gory shot for each month of the year, My Zombie Pin-Up should help you start the coming year on a twisted note.  The 12 x 12 dimensions should handily fill up a blank area of your wall, apart from looking particularly snazzy in high-quality, full-gloss print.

We know that 2010 isn’t supposed to be the Year of the Zombie, but I’m really starting to entertain suspicions.  If the zombies had these curves and acted half-as-willing, though, I’d welcome the apocalypse with open arms.  And zippers down.


About 40% gross and 60% sexy, My Zombie Pin-Up offers a refreshing change from the regular dozen or so calendars I receive every start of the new year.  Seriously, if I have to put up another one with landscapes and beachside views, I’m going to invent the zombie potion and infect the world myself.  It’s available in a run of 2,000 for only $14.99 a set.

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