Happy Hour Bottoms Up Watch Tells Time, Opens Your Beer

I’ve never been a fan of novelty items with bottle openers.  The Happy Hour Bottoms Up watch though, actually makes sense.  Doing away with bottle openers that sit in your pocket or hook on your belt, it sticks the whole thing to your wrist for a more convenient popping action.

Instead of sporting a regular buckle like every other watch strap, the cap-poppin’ accessory uses a special closure — one with a bottle-opening protrusion built right into it.  That way, all you have to do is slide your wrist over the brewsky and crack it open with one swift move.

The Happy Hour Bottoms Up is manly-looking timepiece, with a wide-band leather strap and an alloy watch body.  Case is WCS-plated in a silver color, with a stainless steel back base and Japanese quartz movement running inside.  You can buy the strap separately, too, in case you have a watch that can fit the band and want to enjoy the same cap-clearing action.

If you think you’ve heard of them before, that’s because is the second watch model from the company.   Their first release, the Dark N’ Stormy, sold out within two weeks (it’s available again now, though), so bear that in mind, in case you’re hoping to take a piece of this new model home as soon as it’s out.

From the looks of it, they haven’t updated the site for the new Happy Hour Bottoms Up model yet.  Better keep tabs, cause these might go on order any day now.

[Happy Hour Timepieces via Instash]