Hardsider HardTent Rooftop Tent Comes with Solid Walls on All Sides While Collapsing to Just 7-Inches Thick

Rooftop tents have become popular for good reason, as it gives folks an elevated shelter that’s a whole lot more convenient than your typical tent. While many rooftop tents come with a hardtop, their walls use standard tent fabrics, which work well enough for use as a handy shelter from the elements. The Hardsider HardTent changes things up by offering a rooftop tent with solid walls on every side.

No, it’s not the first hardshell rooftop tent we’ve seen. Problem is, previous releases we’ve seen come with more heft and more bulk than what people will be comfortable carrying on their roof. Not to mention, they typically go at prices north of $10,000 (this one from Redtail, for instance, costs $20,000). Fortunately, that’s not the case here.

The Hardsider HardTent actually looks like your typical rooftop tent when folded, measuring just seven inches in thickness, making it look like your standard car camping shelter. So how does it fit solid walls inside that rooftop box? According to the outfit, it uses custom honeycomb composite panels that are slim but strong, all of which have been designed to fold in origami-like patterns, so they fit snugly inside the erstwhile limited space, while folding and unfolding in a straightforward manner as the tent is open or closed.

Aside from the hardshell exterior, it also gets waterproof insulation to ensure the tent cabin stays dry all year round, while air intakes on the sides ensure proper ventilation during the hotter days of the year. Inside, it gets a mattresss with a Froli spring system that provides comfortable cushioning and excellent airflow.

The Hardsider HardTent has an interior floorspace of 90 x 52 inches (depth x width), so you get enough sleeping area to accommodate two people comfortably. The whole thing, by the way, uses a custom rack with an integrated gasket system that ensures water isn’t able to seep through while the tent is collapsed. The whole thing weighs 200 pounds.

The Hardsider HardTent is available now, priced at $6,000.

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