This Giant Luxury Cruise Ship Can Transport And Entertain An Entire Small Town


I’ve always found the concept of cruise ships weird. Being trapped in a hunk of steel in the middle of the ocean with hundreds of people for days at a time just doesn’t sound like the greatest idea for a relaxing vacation. Then again, maybe that’s what makes it so appealing. Either way, if you like cruise ships, then you’ll definitely love the MS Harmony of the Seas, the biggest, baddest, and most ridiculously awesome of them all.

Owned and operate by Royal Carribean (the same guys behind the massive Oasis of the Seas), it’s the largest passenger ship in the world, measuring a whopping 1,188 feet long and weighing 226,000 tons. That massive frame allows it to accommodate up to 6,360 guests and 2,100 crew members, essentially making it a giant floating small town.


With that many guests, you’re going to need plenty of activities and the MS Harmony of the Seas doesn’t disappoint. For those who like to keep active, they have built-in courts for different sports (basketball, volleyball, and soccer), a pair of Flowrider surf simulators, two 43-foot rock-climbing walls, a zipline, a 0.33-mile running track, an ice-skating rink, and full-service gyms, along with 23 swimming pools and “The Ultimate Abyss” pool slide that boasts a thrilling 10-story drop.


For less action-packed activities, there’s a 3D movie theater, a casino, a large park with 50 trees and 10,000 plants, 20 restaurants, a robot-tended bar, carnival rides, lounges, nightclubs, and a theater. In case you get tired of seeing the same 8,000 people over and over, the ship does dock for a couple of hours every afternoon so you can wander around various international ports.


Learn more about the MS Harmony of the Seas from the Royal Carribean website.

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