Play Retro Games While Chilling In The Arcade Sofa To Complete Your Nostalgic Gaming Setup


Do you enjoy coming home, kicking back on the couch, and switching on your NES Classic Edition (because you’re among the rare few who managed to snag one) for a few hours of retro gameplay? If you do, then you might be interested in swapping out your current couch in favor of the Harow Arcade Sofa, a living room lounger styled to look like a classic gaming arcade.

That’s right, they made living room furniture based on arcade machines of old, so you can partake in your retro games while sitting on a couch that looks like it belonged in an arcade hall from back in the day. It’s impossible to mistake for anything else, too, as the darn thing looks like an oversized arcade cabinet, albeit with an upholstered seat inside the enclosure instead of a large display, arcade controls, and a bunch of electronic components.


The Harow Arcade Sofa is, basically, a two-seat couch with a lounger profile that’s built on a frame styled to look like an arcade cabinet. Truth be told, it looks all manners of relaxing, from the velvet upholstery to the generous seating to the slightly reclined backrest. It has a cabinet made from recycled wood, with steel (or wood?) beading on the edges for accent and a pair of steel legs, turning out a seating furniture that’s partly enclosed, so you can focus on the game out front while ignoring everything else on the periphery.

It comes in a variety of styles, starting with the Classic, which gives the cabinet a white paint job with distressed gray accents and black beading. For those who want something more colorful, they have a broad range of designs on offer, with themes ranging from classic arcade games (Street Fighter) and pop culture icons (Hello Kitty) to street fashion brands (Obey) and film franchises (Jurassic Park). Since each unit is built to order, you can probably ask for custom designs, provided you’re willing to pony up the cash, since nothing about this piece of furniture indicates it’s going to be anywhere in the affordable range.


Dimensions are 49 x 43 x 59 feet (width x depth x height), so moving the Harow Arcade Sofa can present some challenges, depending on how big or small your front door is. If you can afford to buy something custom-made like this, though, we’d wager you can afford house with a wider than usual front door for accommodating all your oversized furniture, so no sweat.


Is it more comfortable than your current sofa? Probably not. If you enjoy owning gaming-themed furniture, though, whether for the man cave, the bachelor pad, or the home theater, we have a feeling this will make for a much more satisfying purchase than any sofa you can pick up at the local IKEA. Plus, the fact that you can order it with custom graphics means you can have it in the theme of your favorite game, opening up a world of fun possibilities.

No pricing is listed for the Harow Arcade Sofa, but you can inquire via their website.

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