Harow Arcade Sofa Brings Back Nostalgic Memories

For the enthusiastic kids of 80s and 90s, arcade gaming was an undeniable part of their life. If you are from that generation, you probably started your gaming experience in one of those bustling arcade centers in your city. Today, kids have all the freedom they need as they can game on-the-go with a smartphones or use the PS4/ Xbox One console to enjoy AAA titles on their television.

But nothing can beat the amazing experience of an arcade machine and the non-stop button smashing that you do to kill your opponent in a game of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or try to bypass enemies in PacMan. The Harow Arcade Sofa is essentially an ode to the past. The manufacturer has ensured that they haven’t missed any of the most iconic sequences from the pop culture and have integrated the design into this sofa.

Harow Arcade Sofa Blue

The Arcade Sofa is available in a large collection of over 21 models to choose from and it not only includes popular arcade games but also other contemporary icons such as SpongeBob and Toy Story. Each one of these models is designed by popular designers from different parts of the world and you can always choose to customize your product the way you want it to be. Based on the age group of kids in your household and your favorite characters from the days of arcade machines, there is enough freedom to pick the most amazing design.

Harow Arcade Sofa Black

The sofa is definitely a world apart because it not only brings exciting colors and design patterns to life but is also made using some of the best raw materials. The overall construction of the product is carried out using high-quality wood. It is very essential because gamers tend to move around a lot and would want their seat to be able to handle the weight of their body as well as their movements. There is also a chance that you may game along with young kids and the sofa can comfortably handle both adults as well as several kids.

Harow Arcade Kame

Apart from wooden materials, it also features steel and the entire cushion area is covered by velvet. If you have always loved this material and wanted a royal gaming experience, the Harow Arcade Sofa should be a perfect choice. The manufacturer is always ready to provide all types of color choices, configurations and designs or themes that you love the most. The ones listed on the official website are for illustration purposes only and you can always give your own design so that they can print it on the wooden area to bring authenticity to your favorite characters.

Harow Arcade Buzz

Bringing those iconic situations to life is the Street Fighter-themed sofa in all red, Spongebob in purple, Hello Kitty and a lovely blue sunrise theme with blue velvet seats. These are just depictions and if you have a specific model, make sure to let the designer and manufacturer know what you are looking for so that they can incorporate the right design with the high-quality materials to create the perfect sofa for you.

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