Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Front Pocket Wallet for Fans

The Harry Potter universe is a massive and impressive one where fans lose themselves over every minor detail. The Deathly Hallows symbol is, however, not a minor but a game changing aspect in the storyline. What started off as a myth became reality when Voldemort got hold of the Elder Wand, the most powerful of them all.

Even before all this begins, Harry already has access to the cloak, which is part of the three important items in the Deathly Hallows including the resurrection stone and the elder wand. When you purchase this front pocket wallet, you can show your fanboy love for the books, the movies as well as the items from the fantasy magical land which is considered so powerful by every means.

Harry Potter Wallet While you can’t use any magic because you are a muggle, i.e. non-magic people, you can still try to use some of the popular spells that Hermione and others use in the books. The pocket wallet is compact, made of durable material and has the right spaces for all your cards.

Apart from being an officially licensed product, it includes three card slots with clear design so that you can easily differentiate between the cards. The design is ideal for anyone who uses multiple cards and requires a way to know which one they are going to use to make a payment.

Harry Potter Front Pocket Wallet

The Deathly Hallows Symbol on the wallet is done using metal so that it looks shiny and also creates a very authentic feel when fans look at it. You can show it off to friends and other HP fans who would definitely love the design of the wallet.

While it is considered to be a sin and makes the man or woman most powerful when they own all the three items in the wizarding world, the same is not applicable to the real world. You can use it as a daily wallet which is made of polyurethane material and has dimensions of 4 ½” inches in height and 2 ⅘” inches in width, making it spacious enough for use.

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