Hasbro HasLab G.I. Joe Classified Series Assault Copter Dragonfly Has A Two-Person Cockpit Scaled To Be Piloted By Your Six-Inch Action Figures

There’s no shortage of toy models for every sort of vehicle imaginable. From cars and tanks to planes and subs, there are literal rows of shelves in toy stores everywhere stocked with them. However, if you want toy vehicles that you can use in conjunction with your action figures, things get a little harder, since different toy vehicles are built with different scales and different functions. If you own six-inch action figures and want scale vehicles that your characters can drive, Hasbro’s ongoing G.I. Joe releases is probably one of the best places to look. The Hasbro HasLab G.I. Joe Classified Series Assault Copter Dragonfly, for instance, gives you a heli that can be piloted by two six-inch action figures.

Also called the XH-1, the chopper is built with significant counter-strike capabilities, making it a potent weapon for the Joes as they prepare to battle a fleet of heavily armored tanks Cobra has been prepping to unleash. Whether you’re a GI Joe fan from the olden days who grew up on the animated shows, a newer fan who got to know it from the newer Joe movies, or just a toy nerd who wants a helicopter sized to go with your six-inch action figures, this thing will make for an excellent addition to your personal collection.

The Hasbro HasLab G.I. Joe Classified Series Assault Copter Dragonfly is a helicopter based on the Bell AH-1 HueyCobra, which formed the core of the US Army’s armada of attack helicopters for several decades until its retirement in 2001. That means, it will make a great heli model for folks who enjoy more realistic vehicles in their fleet. It measures over 2.5 feet long, so this is one toy that will make a substantial presence on your display shelf, with a two-seater cockpit allowing you to assign a pair of your six-inch figures to pilot duties.

The cockpit, by the way, comes with full pilot dashboards for both seats, along with built-in harnesses so the pilots can strap down during flight. There’s built-in lighting, too, both inside and outside the aircraft, complete with lighting for the HUD to make it look even more believable.

The Hasbro HasLab G.I. Joe Classified Series Assault Copter Dragonfly is, of course, an attack chopper, so it comes with weapons that you can set up at various points of the aircraft. There’s a 25mm Dragonbreath Rotary Nose Cannon that can rotate and pivot, twin X-551 Mini-Cannons, two creeper missiles, two 70mm unguided rocket launchers, two jester missile racks that can hold eight individual missiles, and a removable 160mm cannon pod with belt-fed ammo. Yep… this thing has some serious loadout. It also has six blast effects (two small, two medium, and two large) that you can attach at various points to make it look like it’s in the thick of battle.

Other features include a detachable gullwing canopy, removable access panels to the engine, hinged access doors for the twin x-551s, a movable tail wing, adjustable stabilizer wings, a snap-on counter rotation turbine, and engine cover exhaust vents. It also comes with a six-inch action figure of Wild Bill Hardy, which comes with a full complement of weapons and accessories.

The Hasbro HasLab G.I. Joe Classified Series Assault Copter Dragonfly is currently crowdfunding on Hasbro Pulse. You can reserve a unit for pledges priced at $274.99.

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