Hasbro’s Parody Board Games Reimagine Tabletop Classics For Modern Adults


With the recent rise in popularity of adult-humor tabletop games, there’s probably never been a better time to give some old-time classics a similar twist. That’s exactly what Hasbro is doing with some of the most enduring board games in their roster, giving adults a chance to experience games they played as a kid in an entirely new light.

Five games, specifically, have been given the makeover: Clue, Game of Life, Mystery Date, Operation, and Sorry! Each one gets a modified title that hints at whatever twist has been added to the game, along with various modifications to the gameplay. No, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all where the same change is applied to all the games. Instead, it’s more thoughtful than that, with each one getting gameplay elements that really fits in nicely with the original game concept.

Below, we detail each of the games.


Clue: What Happened Last Night? Lost in Vegas – An obvious nod to the Hangover films, the game starts off with a group of friends finding one of their own missing from the hotel after a night of excessive partying. That’s right, instead of figuring out the culprit in a murder-mystery, you’re going to spend the game figuring out who last saw your friend, where they went, and what they are up to. Find your pal in time to make the 4PM flight home.

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  • The Clue Lost in Vegas game is a funny adult twist on classic Clue gameplay


Game of Life: Quarter Life Crisis – Like the original, this board game will have you traveling through life, earning points along the way. Unlike it, the game burdens players with something a lot of modern folks deal with every day: crippling debt. In the game, you race against other players to be the first to pay off a $500,000 debt while dealing with modern life’s hassles, such as losing access to Wi-Fi, skipping work to binge a new Netflix upload, and getting stuck with an ugly tattoo. And yes, it involves some elements pertaining to existential despair, making it perfectly suited for our modern times.

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Mystery Date: Catfished – The title, pretty much, says it all. It’s about online dating and the dangers of finding out the girl you’ve been liking, messaging, and gearing up to meet from Facebook is actually a 300-pound dude trying to figure out how to scam you for everything you’ve got. In the game, you race with other players to find love in the digital age, meeting absolute freaks, sabotaging your friends, and getting catfished along the way.

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Botched Operation – Like the original, the game tests the player’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by having them carefully remove “ailments” from a patient on the operating table. With this modified version, though, it gets more complicated as you’ll have to perform side challenges (think physical stunts) while performing the operation.

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  • A TWIST ON CLASSIC OPERATION GAME: Do you remember playing the Operation game when you were a kid?...


Sorry! Not Sorry – It plays similar to the original board game, albeit with a new deck of cards called “Not Sorry,” which gives the game a “Have you ever?” twist, only allowing players to proceed moving their tokens once they admit to a potentially embarassing secret.