Wear The Hasbro Pulse Marvel Legends Series Magneto Helmet To Help  Keep Out Mutant Telepaths From Invading Your Head

We love Magneto and his tortured soul, whose desire to protect the mutant race has led him down to some really dark paths. From his history with the Nazis and the death of his daughter to his conflicted relationship with humans, he’s a villain with a fleshed-out backstory that’s actually relatable. You know what else is relatable? His badass helmet, which he used to keep out to keep out Professor X and other mutants with telepathic abilities from taking over his mind. If, like Magneto, you don’t want any mutant with psionic powers messing with your thoughts and dreams, you can now protect yourself with the Hasbro Pulse Marvel Legends Series Magneto Roleplay Item.

A life-size replica of Magneto’s helmet, it lets you rock the same headgear as the master of magnetism, so you can style yourself like the Omega-level anti-hero who’s powerful enough to reverse the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field. Whether you want to cosplay as Erik Lehnsherr for a convention, dress up like a mutant for Halloween, or just want to keep out all these powerful telepaths and psychic mutants from invading your mindspace, this thing lets you do that with the same helmet they used in the comic books.

The Hasbro Pulse Marvel Legends Series Magneto Roleplay Item is a wearable 1:1-scale reproduction of the Omega-level mutant’s anti-psionic helmet as it appears on the X-Men ’97 series. No, there are no actual electronics or circuitry onboard, so it will neither amplify your magnetic powers nor block out psionic forces, although it does style you as a badass-looking Magneto, so you can still walk around and pretend like you’re armed with those handy abilities.

It recreates the full deco of the helmet from the cartoon series, from the full head cover shape and the horned shield on the forehead to the purple accents along the edges. According to the outfit, the sculpting and detailing are all series-accurate, making it an essential addition to any X-Men fan’s cosplay collection. It comes with soft-padding that can be adjusted for a snug fit, too, regardless of the size of your head. That means, younger (or smaller) individuals can probably rock the helmet just as well as the cosplay-loving adults in the room.

The Hasbro Pulse Marvel Legends Series Magneto Roleplay Item comes out September 1st. You can preorder it now, priced at $99.99.

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