Hasbro’s Transformers Trypticon T-Rex Can Eat Smaller Action Figures… Really


Grimlock may be the most popular Dinobot in the Transformers universe, but he is far from being the most menacing of the dinosaur branch of the Decepticons. That distinction should belong to Trypticon, the biggest and strongest of the lot. And Hasbro doesn’t disappoint with the new Transformers Trypticon T-Rex action figure, which is so menacing it can eat other toys in your collection.

No, we’re not being figurative when we say that. Instead, this beastly Transformer can literally eat small toys, all of which go down to an empty chamber on its stomach (yes, you can open the chamber and retrieve the poor bastards). Granted, it won’t be able to eat full-size GI Joes, but green army men, LEGO bricks, and those tiny Titan Master Transformers should be fair game to this monster.


The Hasbro Transformers Trypticon T-Rex stands a ginormous 20 inches tall, so it can lord over any shelf full of action figures. It’s articulated, too, so you can make it walk across your miniature cities and battle other giant action figures. Aside from being a giant tyrannosaurus, the Autobot can also transform into a spaceship and an entire Decepticon city, similar to Fortress Maximus. In city mode, by the way, it’s designed to connect to Titans Return Leader Class action figures in order to form the gigantic Nemesis Command.


Available in the fall, the Transformers Trypticon T-Rex is priced at $149.99.