Roleplay As Your Favorite Video Game Character With Hashtag Collectibles’ Nintendo Plush Puppets


It’s hard to believe how many characters Nintendo has managed to nurture over the years, keeping them relevant and beloved across generations of gamers. And now, you can enjoy interactions with those same characters outside of a rectangular screen in the form of Hashtag Collectibles’ Nintendo Plush Puppets.

That’s right, these guys made hand puppets of a whole host of Nintendo characters, so you can spend the day making Mario and Link talk to each other about how much better life was back when they were rendered as pixelated 2D images. Whether you’re a diehard Nintendo fan, an older gamer with fond memories of Nintendo games from your younger days, or just some dude who enjoys hand puppets, this lineup of movable plush dolls just may be the perfect toys to add to your Christmas list.


The Hashtag Collectibles Nintendo Plush Puppets line consists of 13 hand puppets, some with moveable mouths and some with movable limbs, so each one can be animated in its own way. That means, you can make Princess Zelda hug, punch, and do an “up yours” gesture, but she won’t open her mouth when you pretend that she’s speaking in an adorable princess voice, while the Donkey Kong puppet can move his mouth to eat a banana or scream at you to say “Leave no bananas behind.” Because, you know, he’s a gorilla and he likes bananas.

Most of the recognizable characters from Nintendo’s roster are onboard, including Link and Princess Zelda, Mario and Luigi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong, Goomba, Bowser and Bowser Jr., Yoshi, and Toad. You also get two Piranha plants – one the same size as the other puppets and another one that’s double the size, so it can eat every character on site without much of a problem.


Most of the characters in the Hashtag Collectibles Nintendo Plush Puppets line measure between nine to 10 inches tall, with the Giant Piranha Plant being the sole exception at 20 inches tall when its stem is fully extended. That means, it should be plenty fair to pit the puppets against each other, since no one appears undersized. You can also have handicap matches with the Giant Piranha Plant because, you know, that thing is too big for just one man to handle. None of the puppets other than Link has a weapon (we’re assuming he’s carrying the Master Sword), by the way, so we imagine he’s your best shot at winning if you ever feel like making the puppets throw down.


Whether you’re a young fan discovering Nintendo’s enduring characters, a longtime fan who’s loved the characters from day one, or just a general gaming fan whose love for Nintendo was rekindled by last year’s brilliant Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we have a feeling you can appreciate the whimsy this line of puppets bring. At $19.99 each ($39.99 for the Giant Piranha Plant), the line is quite affordable too, making them excellent options for stocking stuffers in the coming holidays.

The Hashtag Collectibles Nintendo Plush Puppets are available now.

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