HasLab Ghostbusters Two in the Box! Adds a PKE Meter and Ghost Trap to Your Ghostbusting Kit

Your HasLab Spengler Proton Pack is cool and all, but if you’re going to be walking around like a proper Ghostbuster, you’ll need a full complement of equipment to properly track and catch ghosts (and we don’t Ghostbuster shoes, but we like those, too). Fortunately, Hasbro has you covered with the HasLab Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and PKE Meter.

That’s right, Haslab is letting you add a pair of staple equipment to your ghostbusting arsenal, ensuring you’ll be better equipped for your paranormal adventures. No more entering a spirit-infested warehouse with nothing but a proton pack in tow – this set gives you a way to both better detect paranormal presence and catch ghosts after you’ve used that unlicensed nuclear accelerator to hold them in place.

The HasLab Ghostbusters Plasma Series Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and PKE Meter’s title is, of course, a play on that memorable quote from the Ghostbusters II movie (“Two in the box, ready to go. We be fast and they be slow!”). Why did they go with that? We guess, it’s referring to the fact that the set comes with two of the most recognizable equipment from the franchise, namely the Pyschokinetic Energy (PKE) Meter and the Ghost Trap.

The PKE Meter is based on the original equipment as seen from the movies, which Egon Spengler originally built using mostly parts from an electric shoe polisher. It’s got all the familiar elements of the EMF detector as it appeared in the films, from the long grip and multiple LED indicators to the motorized arms that extend outwards and the gaggle of sound effects it produces during operation. Heck, they even gave it a Taser Mode, similar to the updated PKE Meter from Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Sadly, it won’t make the same electrical sparking effect, but it’s still pretty cool. The PKE meter comes with its own storage stand.

The HasLab Two in the Box! set also comes with a new Ghost Trap, which includes the trap, the foot pedal, and the cables connecting them. It has working multicolor LEDs to make it look like it’s drawing ghosts inside the container and a rumble motor, so the darn thing will be moving and shaking to make it look like the ghosts are fighting hard as they’re sucked into its powerful chamber. The foot pedal is functional, too, and actually activates the trap, so you can use it to open the trap doors, which will switch on the light, turn on the rumble motor, and activate the built-in sound effects for recreating any ghost capture scene. Seriously, this thing sounds awesome.

Sadly, they didn’t add any smoke to the trap, which, we guess, is a way to keep costs down. Most likely, though, there are going to be ways to integrate your own smoke system into this thing (just burn some incense in the main chamber), so this will absolutely make for a seriously fun toy, especially when combined with the PKE Meter, the Proton Pack, and the Neutrona Wand released under the same Ghostbusters Plasma Series line from HasLab.

The HasLab Ghostbusters Plasma Series Two in the Box! Ghost Trap and PKE Meter is now crowdfunding over at Hasbro Pulse, with shipments slated for late Fall 2024. Price is $299.99.

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