Hastens Vividus: This Is What A $150,000 Bed Looks Like


We know, spending $149,900 on a bed is just absolutely absurd. If you’re willing to fork that much out for a 200-mph car, however, shouldn’t you splurge the same way for the best sleep of your life? That’s exactly the proposition behind the Hastens Vividus, a custom-made continental bed that’s, pretty much, the pinnacle of luxury bedroom furniture.

Yep, it’s a bed that costs around the same as a well-optioned Mercedes AMG GT S. And, yes, it really is just a bed, with no entertainment system magically sliding out of a hidden compartment, no climate control system to keep your body at optimal temperatures, and no embedded sensors monitoring your circadian rhythms. Just a plain old bed, albeit one that will cradle you in unbridled comfort.


Each Hastens Vividus is built by four certified craftsmen at the company’s dedicated atelier in Sweden, where they spend a cumulative total of 320 hours to crank out a single unit. It starts out with a wooden frame cut in northern Swedish pine, with a box spring housing multiple steel springs and several layers of flax for soundproofing right on top of it. Sitting above it is the mattress, which holds several more springs, along with multiple layers of cotton, wool batting, and horsehair lining, with the mattress pad on top getting its own layers of cotton, wool, and horsehair.


Visit the official website to find out where you can try the Hastens Vividus bed.

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