Hat-Headz Clip Hanger: Finally, A Neat Way To Store Hats At Home


It’s not uncommon to accumulate more than a few hats at home. And they usually end up strewn all over the place, with some hanging on random hooks, a few stacked in the closet, and others just sitting on random shelves. Yes, you need a better way to stash them and that’s what the Hat-Headz Clip Hanger offers.

Designed to install on doors, the rig allows you to put a functional rack on a variety of places around the house, giving you a way to store your collection of caps in a tidy and organized manner. Whether you want to stash your hats on your bedroom door, the closet door, or any other door in the house, this thing lets you install a proper hat rack in just a few minutes.


The Hat-Headz Clip Hanger consists of a strap that hooks to the top and bottom of any door that measures anywhere from six to eight feet in height (the strap is adjustable), ensuring it will work with most doors in the house, whether it’s in the bedroom, the study, or the walk-in closet. You can also try installing it on doors shorter than six feet (like on small closets and cabinet doors), although you’ll only be able to hook the top, so you’ll have to find another way to stabilize the strap (you can use two-way tape to semi-permanently mount it, for instance).

Along the strap’s length sits 10 D-rings, each of which holds two clips apiece, allowing each rack to store up to 20 hats along its length. Do note, the entire thing ships unassembled, so you’ll have to individually attach the clips to each D-ring, then mount the D-rings onto the strap before the rack is ready to be installed. The best part, though, is you can slide the D-rings anywhere on the strap, allowing you to customize their positions to accommodate different types of hats (these hat-like helmets, for instance, will require more space than a regular cap).


The Hat-Headz Clip Hanger uses stainless steel flat hooks to ensure they’ll provide a stable hold on your doors, with all-metal clips that feature non-slip PVC tips, so they’ll grab a tight hold on your hats, no matter which part you clip on. Since it’s just a regular clip, you can store the hats either by clipping them from the top, the brim, or the back, whichever one works best for your personal sensibilities. Personally, clipping them from the top seems to look best, since it puts the front of the hats on display, making it easy to find whichever one you want to wear for the day.


Aside from hats, you can use the rack to store any item that can be clipped, so you can use to hold neckties, scarves, and whatever other accessory you’ve been having a hard time stashing. Heck, we’re guessing you can even install one in the fridge door for storing oven mitts, wash cloths, and other kitchen necessities.

The Hat-Headz Clip Hanger is available now.

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