Nerf Battles Will Be So Much More Fun With This Battle-Ready Go-Kart In Tow


Let’s get the obvious out of the way – you’re way too old to actually play with the Nerf Battle Racer Ride-On. If you have a kid who loves Nerf blasters, though, then you have the perfect excuse to buy one and see if it can actually fit your grown man frame the way you suspect. After all, you could be wrong and you might finally get yourself a perfect battle car to ride in while partaking in your next Nerf battle.

Made by Hauck Toys, it’s a pedal-powered go-kart that lets you (well, your kid) drive to battle armed with a gaggle of blasters in tow. That’s right, on top of carrying a single blaster on each hand like you normally would, you can fill up the integrated mounting areas with additional blasters, allowing you to arrive at the warzone with a veritable armory.


The Nerf Battle Racer Ride-On comes with two mounts up front to hold a pair of blasters (we’re not sure if the Stampede ECS-50 will fit, but we’d sure like to try), with a clip system between them for lining up 10 foam darts for easy reloading. A pair of holsters on the back of the seat allow you to discreetly sneak in another two blasters, so you can simply reach behind the seat to get access to two fully-loaded rifles once your other blasters run out of ammo. Features include a three-point steering wheel, low-profile tires, a handbrake for making quick strategic stops, and an ergonomic molded seat for battle driving comfort. We’re not sure how much weight it can accommodate, although it does look like it’s designed to fit even larger kids, which bolsters the hope that even grown men can ride one. Just keep your fingers crossed.


Available now, the Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Ride-On is priced at $688.

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