Turn Your House Into A Horror Prop Perfect For Halloween

When I first heard about the Haunted Construction Company, it stirred my imagination.  Is it a construction firm that builds nothing but houses and buildings that look like they have ghosts living in them?  As it turns out, not quite, but they’re awesome all the same.

Instead, the group sells products fit for horror buffs like a dollhouse-sized Bates Mansion replica, a life-sized electric chair for babies and a carnival fortune letter with a rotting corpse inside instead of Zoltar.  If you’ve been trying to come up with decorative items for Halloween, maybe ditch the cliché superhuman skulls this year and try something really creepy from these guys.

My favorite product from the Haunted Construction Company, though, has to be the custom dollhouse-size replica of your own home or place of business turned into a haunted house.  If you’ve ever wondered what your house will look like if it was infested by evil spirits, having these guys run it through their twisted imaginations will definitely do the trick.  I guess you send them pictures of your house, which they will then turn into a handmade scary dollhouse, which you can adore every night to ensure you experience a sordid assortment of nightmares in your slumber. Fun.

The custom haunted houses take between 4 to 6 weeks to complete and are guaranteed one-of-a-kind.  You can opt for a bare miniature haunted house or deck it with monster figures, creepy lights, scary sounds and more.  They can even add secret rooms where you can hide more scary stuff for nosy guests who like to fiddle with your toys.  Pricing for the houses start at $350.

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