Have Famous People At Your Fingertips With The Mullish Muse Finger Puppets


We don’t know how you’re supposed to pull off putting Chuck Norris on your finger without having him break it, but you can try anyway with the Mullish Muse Finger Puppets.    Featuring the bearded action hero, along with a whole slew of celebrities and other pseudo-famous folks, the awesome collection should be the fastest way to your own YouTube comedy special (well, next to lip-synching Lady Gaga while looking like an idiot, of course).

Made out of felt paper, glue and some handmade stitchwork, the goofy-looking puppets come with detailed looks that make them easily identifiable.  The roster runs the gamut from actors (The Dude from Big Lebowski, Mr. T) to  politicians (Angel and Devil Obamas) to rockstars (Dave Grohl, Bono) to fashion icons (Marc Jacobs, Anna Wintour).  Sure, it feels kinda stupid having to shell out money for puppets of D-List celebs like Christian Siriano, but the awesome construction (plus the amount of fun you can turn up with them) should make it worth your while.  Fierce.


The Mullish Muse Finger Puppets sport felt all around, with a slot around the back where you can slide your finger in.  You can also use a pencil, stick or any longish object, in case you’re all for keeping your hands out of everyone’s sight.


Price for the creations, which are available via Etsy, vary between $9 and $20, depending most likely on how difficult they were to make.  Custom characters are also available on request, so you should be able to ask for everyone from William Hung to Bikini Girl to film your own American Idol Rejects performance video.  Sounds like a hoot.