Hazet Collapsible Tool Trolley: This Toolbox Turns Into A Mobile Shelf

You’re working on the car, both arms covered in a sleeveful of grease. You dig into your toolbag to get an O ring sitting in the bottom, smearing the rest of the tools with the same slime all over your arms. Bad idea. The Hazet Collapsible Tool Trolley lets you keep the same tools in one place while avoiding messy results.

When closed, it looks like a large toolbox that you can carry with two hands or pull along the ground. When opened, however, it’s able to vertically expand, turning into a tall shelf that lets you organize tools and supplies on separate racks.

The Hazet Collapsible Tool Trolley measures 27.2 x 14.5 x 15 inches and weighs a hefty 54 pounds without any tools stored inside it. It has two trolley handles that also serve as vertical frames for the shelf, as well as large, lockable caster wheels that can help level out uneven ground surfaces (so your shelf doesn’t get shaky). When laid out in full shelf form, it gives users three racks of storage, along with a large bottom compartment, separation sheets on the first two shelves, and a beech wood board at the top. It comes with a padlock for securing your tools.

Priced at $1,781.75, the Hazet Collapsible Tool Trolley isn’t exactly the most affordable way to store your tools in the garage. If your wallet can manage it, though, it’s almost certainly going to help your pseudo-mechanic work become a much less frustrating affair.

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